Author: Mike Godsey

West Coast Wind Blog: Why are San Francisco winds often more turbulent?

Once San Francisco had more summer time fog and extremely steady winds. In recent decades the winds are often more turbulent and fog is less widespread. This same pattern is becoming more frequent in Southern California and in the Columbia River Gorge. This change has been reported in many places. Here are examples in a…

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West Coast Wind Blog: San Francisco enjoys “Victory at Sea” wind conditions!

Forecast Jargon Decoder, June 16, 6:59, 2024 Do you find these Decoders useful? Let me know Limp low-pressure from the Central Valley has ballooned out from the Central California over the coast so we are seeing glassy waters below the Golden Gate to Anita Rock. So once again the Crissy wind sock appears in…

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West Coast Wind Blog: Marine Surge southerly ocean winds and Eddy coast winds ally so powerful San Francisco winds

Forecast Jargon Decoder for Friday May, 7, 2024 Wow! That was a strange Marine Surge. Typically a Marine Surge is strong southerly winds flowing from Southern California to a low-pressure in the Marin/Sonoma/Napa and Sacramento area. But today we also had a small counter-clockwise eddy just west of Pt. Reyes that turbocharged the SW winds….

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