By Mike Godsey

by Mike Godsey,

We have added a Public Domain sensor located on the John Day River Bridge east of Rufus. It will read LOW compared to the actual wind at Rufus but by looking at the wind at The Wall sensor and this sensor you will have a good idea of how windy it is at Rufus.

It also gives you another way to interpreting the often incorrect readings at the Maryhill and The Wall sensors. If there is a hint of WNW on the new John Day sensor the Maryhill and The Wall sensors will show strong winds that are mostly on the OR side of the river.

This blog link has lots of imagery and details about the wind and sensor issues at The Wall

If the John Day sensor shows hints of WSW winds the Wall will rock and the sensors will be accurate.

Below is a graphic that shows what is happening.

And here is a link to the John Day River Bridge sensor:,-120.78,12,1