By Mike Godsey

Mike Godsey

Forecast Decoder for March 12, 2024:

Good but cloudy fishing conditions in the AM then, if the clouds clear as forecast, late foil to large kite winds strongest at Rasta Beach.

Note: “El Norte” winds ramp up Saturday and peak Sunday

Yep, the sunrise is beautiful but those heavy clouds often mean a weak wind day.

But looking at the satellite image we can see the clouds are from a 400-mile-wide Sub-Tropical Jetstream flowing from the WSW at about 70 knots and extending from the tropics to Florida. 

The good news is that Baja’s East Cape is right on the northern edge of that cloud band so we see fast clearing later today allowing Coastal Valley heating and Local Sea Breezes. The bad news is that a huge North Pacific High moves over the Sea of Cortez into the Mainland weakening our large-scale pressure gradient. Still in mid March even mild Local Sea Breezes are a treat!