By Mike Godsey

Mild Local Sea Breezes in the low to mid-teens focus in the La Ventana area and weaker and/or less reliable for Los Barriles and Rasta Beach.

Most of our wind today comes from blue sky heating in dead-end Los Planes Valley creating a modest local pressure gradient. Rasta Beach, further away from the valley often has slightly weaker winds. Los Barriles actually has a much larger valley but that valley is not a dead-end valley so often it can not build as strong of a pressure gradient.

So why just mild Local Sea Breezes today rather than stronger “El Norte” winds coming down the Sea of Cortez?

1. The low-pressure normally just south of Cabo is near Manzanillo today weakening our large-scale pressure gradient.

2. The USA high-pressure is over northern Colorado rather than the Great Basin ergo a weak pressure gradient over the Sea of Cortez.

3. A 3400-mile-wide wide North Pacific High is centered north of Hawaii and while it is extending a weak lobe of high-pressure towrds Baja most of that NW wind s focused on the Pacific side of Baja.