By Mike Godsey

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Years ago when driving the length of the Baja highway was mostly dirt and sand and you carried Jerry cans of gasoline and road repair tools. The scenery was much to same as today but it took 7-9 days for the drive rather than 2-3 days. The biggest difference is the enormous growth of the towns and unfortunately the equally enormous amount of plastic blowing through the desert. Back then visitors and locals did not have the luxury of plastic film bags. Rather you carried your groceries in woven bags that all stores sold and that lasted for years

Now plastic film bags and similar garbage litter the desert.  Those same winds that fill our wings, kites and sails blow plastic debris for miles through the desert dropped from the stately cordons and other plants. This increasing debris is slowly stopping the sun from heating the land which is weakening our local sea breezes. Well, that is actually not very plausible, but pays me to write about wind not the environment so I have to keep this sermon wind-oriented.

What can you do to help?

  1. Bring several strong reusable plastic bags from home for groceries and other items and use them for shopping.
  2. Better yet buy forever bags made from old sails and kites at the Thursday Farmers market and use them for all shopping.
  3. For aluminum cans use No Más Basura  If that is not practical crush all your aluminum cans and when you have a lot put it in clear bags near trash containers and a local will pick them up for their cash value.
  4. For beverage bottles use No Más Basura If that is not practical collect them and when you have enough use mortar and bottle with bottle ends exposed to make decorative walls around your house
  5. If you have to use plastic bags tie them in knots and stuff them into another bag. That way at least they do not blow around much. Then take them to No Más Basura

Most importantly use and support No Más Basura by recycling:

No Más Basura Recycling Drive Through/Drop Off is every Thursday from 8-10am.

Location: We are waiting for you to the West of the Farmers Market location.

Please also help us to keep our NMB team healthy and happy with wearing your masks when  dropping of your recycling.

We receive the below CLEAN items. Please Pre-sort to speed up the process.

  1. Plastic – We now accept ALL plastics to make out posts. (No PVC please)
  2. Glass – Bottles, jars etc
  3. Aluminum Cans
  4. Metal cans (tin cans and all sorts of metal)
  5. Styrofoam (packaging only, no plates, cups or take out containers)
  6. Corks
  7. Batteries

Please no paper or cardboard or tetra packs.