By Mike Godsey

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Forecast Jargon Decoder, Dec. 19, 2023

Image courtesy of John S.

Those picturesque reflections of high clouds on the glassy Sea of Cortez won’t last. Heavier clouds roll in tomorrow, bringing an unfortunate lull in the wind.

The reason? All but one of our four major wind machines are on the fritz today.

  • 1. The Great Basin to 4-Corners region: Weak low-pressure there is practically a spectator in this weather game.
  • 2. North Pacific High: This 3,000-mile-wide giant is hiding out way up north, from Hawaii to near Baja Norte. No wind help from there, either.
  • 3. Cabo low-pressure: Usually it pulls northerly winds down to our beaches, but today it’s too far south to be of much use.
  • 4. Our last hope: The Coastal Valley low-pressure, generated by local heating. Sadly, it can only manage light winds in the low teens on its own.