By Mike Godsey

Todays Forecast Decoder:

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The nagging clouds disappear as the North Pacific High and

the upper trough move eastward and stop steering clouds our way. Note how the models. had heavy clouds yesterday but much sparser clouds today and almost no clouds rest of the week.

Today there will be NW night and dawn winds near arroyos as winds from the North Pacific High blow across the Baja Peninsula.

As the morning progresses winds shift to NNW mid-morning and

build fast to upper-teens to mild low 20’s strongest outside La Ventana.

Less reliable winds inside for Rasta Beach but upper-teens to mild low 20’s 500 feet outside. Upper-teens for Los Barriles.

This happens as the North Pacific High near Baja pushes a high-pressure ridge towards the 4-Corners region. Get ready for a 5-6 day blow.

These graphics and animations show you the entire wind event unfolding.