By Mike Godsey

Baja’s East Cape forecast for La Ventana, Los Barriles and El Sargento: Looking at this amazing 7:15 AM satellite imagery you can see a solid mass of clouds from the subtropical jet stream is over the Sea of Cortez for Mulege to just north of La Paz. The edge of this cloud mass has a 60% chance of coming over the coastal valleys, especially for

El Sargento and La Ventana. My winds forecast is based upon those clouds NOT making coming over us.

If you see heavy clouds increasing from the north expect lighter and less reliable wind, especially near shore. The

Here is one models forecast for the clouds at 4 PM this afternoon.

high pressure has moved from the Great Basin northward into the Columbia Basin of Idaho and Oregon so the wind machine is a bit weaker today.

However, we are getting some wind from a weak North Pacific High so there is still upper-teens wind potential with gusts stronger due to N. winds just aloft.