By Mike Godsey

The Southern California and Central California launch site wind forecast for the current day can be found on or

Notice the tiny 400-mile wide remanent of the North Pacific High centered 100 miles West of San Francisco that is shrinking fast.

Note how most of its mass isbeing absorbed into a huge growing 1200-mile-wide high-pressure in the Great Basin.

This high-pressure in the Great Basin is creating moderate to strong Santa Ana conditions including:

  1. UNFAVORABLE NNW to NNE surface ocean winds.
  2. Unfavorable land NE surface winds.
  3. Unfavorable N. winds at 1000 ft. aloft that blow all day.

All these winds act to block the ocean winds from reaching the beaches most of the day.

Then LATE afternoon when the Isla Vista, Santa Barbara to Ventura zone and the Long Beach Area see a wind reversal and mild westerly winds.