By Mike Godsey

Mike Godsey

Today we see a NW-WNW pattern with strong gusty winds focused on the coast, Anita Rock to Palo Alto and Tomales to Rod and Gun to Benicia.

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pattern is created by:

1. The center of the North Pacific High moves closer to us.

2. This brings strong NW ocean winds to the California coast.

3. There is a strong pressure gradient from the coast to Stockton and on to Bakersfield, which favors WNW winds in the Bay.

4. Strong NNW to NW winds just aloft add a shifty gust factor and push the surface winds the launch sites at Ocean Beach, Anita Rock and probably Coyote and 3rd.

5. The pressure gradient to Stockton may pose an issue for Pt. Isabel and 3rd. Ave. launch sites since those sites are fed winds by Coast Range gaps that face WNW and WSW, so there may be a WIND BATTLE.