By Mike Godsey

The La Ventana & Los Barriles launch site wind forecast for the current day can be found on or

The bulk of the wind today comes as wind flows between a weak high-pressure west of Guerrero Negro, Baja Norte and low-pressure south of Cabo.

  1. As you can see in this image this pattern makes the prevailing the winds in the Sea of Cortez a bit NNW rather than the perfect NNE.

2. But looking at the 2 in the image you can see that at the La Ventana and Los Barriles beaches a local pressure gradient created by the Coastal Valleys heating curves those winds to the beaches as more favorable NNE.

3. The image also shows the local sea beezes that make the winds stronger.

4. Looking at the mountains in the image you can see that today, like yesterday, the beach winds will be a bit up and down and unreliable, especially at Rasta Beach because a bit of the westerly wind comes over the mountains and arroyos at times.

If you stay at the campground you can sometimes see this wind hitting the flags. If you live on the bluff in the Rasta Beach area you can sometimes feel this unfavorable wind as blasts from the NW. Either way, this “evil” wind can sometimes interrupt the “good NNE winds” at the beach. So, The further you are from the mountains the better the wind quality. That is why you often see hearty souls on the far horizon.