By Mike Godsey

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The peak of the Baja season is ending with fewer people coming down in March. Meanwhile, I am getting busy doing the Southern California & Central California coast forecasts and soon the San Francisco Bay Area forecasts. So I need to know if enough people are using the Baja blogs worth the time. What are your thoughts?

Today is the beginning of a multiday wind event. It starts very atypically since there is NO high pressure in the Great Basin. And the North Pacific High is dying rapidly off the Oregon Coast. As the North Pacific High dies in the face of a huge Gulf of Alaska storm its NW winds and isobars are being pressed into Baja waters as you see in #1 below. This along with low pressure to the south, #2, provides today’s winds. However, very strong winds at the 975 MB level at about 1000 feet aloft add a gust factor to the surface winds.