By Mike Godsey

Your tool at times when the sensor is not accurate.

by Mike Godsey, mike AT

You have probably noticed that the Swell City sensor often reads inaccurately especially in the morning. This is because the only location for a sensor in the area is atop a 30 foot cliff on the waters edge near Swell City.

Because of this issue I try to send out a bluff report several times each morning to help you get a more accurate picture of the wind.

The one flaw of the bluff report is that it is describing visual things using a few words. One phrase that you will often see is “bands of lulls and gusts are passing through the Hatch and Swell zone making the sensor data suspect.”

Below is an image from today at 9AM showing what those bands look like. Clearly if you are on the water at the right time you will have great wind but as a lull passes through you may be slogging.