By Mike Godsey

Expect southerly eddy winds from Baja to Northern California.

by Mike Godsey

This is a rough draft but I wanted to get this imagery out to  you ASAP.

Most models agree that an unusully “mega eddy” pattern develops along the west coast form Baja Norte to north of Bodega Bay this Sunday. This will bring southerly winds to all of that coast. How strong those winds will be is unclear at this time.


But not much hope for the entire coast from Jalama to Bodega


Or in  Southern California except for Isabella.


While in the Bay Area sites N. of the Bay Bridge and Tigers are favored with W to WSW flow.


The first animation shows how we go from strong NW ocean winds to sou

therly eddy winds Sunday.

Just follow the numbers on the image to see why the eddy develops.





The second animation shows how this huge surface eddy is supported by counter-clockwise spinning winds aloft.