By Mike Godsey

Mike Godsey

During El Niño years it is more common to have the clouds of the Sub-Tropical Jetstream over Baja Sur. While La Ventana often has nice sunrises these jet clouds This often create spectacular sunrises in the La Ventana area making the village a window to the eastern sunrise.

Sometimes the clouds linger the entire day over Baja’s East Cape spoiling the winds. Other times the clouds clear allowing mild local Sea Breezes to develop to the delight of wind sport addicts like myself.

As much as I love wind I have an equal love of the spectacular sunrises the clouds bring as I look east from our house overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Yes, it is a love/hate relationship.

Here are some of those lovely La Ventana Sunrises through the years. (click to see the entire photo) Use this link for a blog what causes these clouds.