By Mike Godsey
This graphic also shows why you want to use the right model when looking for wind. The models are great for seeing the causes of wind since you can see the big picture. But these low resolution models do not “see” the local mountains and valleys that focus the wind at specific launch sites. That is why they almost always forecast weaker winds than you find at the beach. For forecasting launch sites winds use super high resolution models like the WeatherFlow-Tempest 1 km model.

Today’s Forecast

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Today our long run of moderate El Norte wind continues today for the Rasta Beach, La Ventana and Los

Barriles zone.

Note the weak winds forecast by the ECMWF

The Great Basin high-pressure is

beginning to move eastward.

As you can see in the

second image this causes the winds in the northern half of the Sea of Cortez to fade.

But a strong low-pressure south of Cabo keeps our wind going until Wednesday.

However the multi-model graph in the first images suggests increasing clouds that may make the beach winds unsteady in the mid to late afternoon.