By Mike Godsey

The La Ventana & Los Barriles launch site wind forecast for the current day can be found on or

IF we get a hole in the clouds… chance of mid to late afternoon mid-teens NORTHERLY WINDS wind reaches Rasta Beach then La Ventana but not Los Barriles.

Note: Another Canadian is preparing our way and this one is bringing wind TUESDAY. This one is leaving Canada today and arrives as high-pressure near the Four Corners Tuesday bringing Moderate “El Norte” winds Tuesday that fade rest of the week!

Do your eyes agree with the MultiModel Ensemble cloud forecast of 60% coverage at dawn? Those mostly lower-resolution models have the wind-killing clouds increasing this afternoon but our Weatherflow super high-resolution model suggests there is a chance of a hole in the clouds over the Los Planes Valley that might coax the forecast winds near the beach.

Meanwhile, the high pressure in Canada moves towards Utah today so moderate “El Norte” winds build in the far northern Sea of Cortez. A BIT OF THAT WIND reaches Isla Ceralvo but we will need afternoon valley sunshine to create the local pressure gradient to bring that wind to our wings and kites. The 3 pangas below my house using throw nets to load up with baitfish tells us that real local knowledge is expecting very light winds! 

Paraglider Note: The best paragliding in the area in the Rasta Beach to the Hot Springs. The higher bluffs and topography make for stronger uplifts while the wider beaches make landing easy.