By Mike Godsey

The entire forecast for the current day can be found on or

Unless one of the inbound cloud masses blocks valley heating, we see solid winds strongest at the La Ventana campground and Los Barriles.

There is high-pressure in the 4-Corners region of the USA, but the overall pressure gradient near the Sea of Cortez keeps the strongest winds on the Mexico mainland side of the Sea of Cortez. Despite that, our Raste Beach sensor should pick up building mild El Norte winds midmorning. As the Los Planes Valley heats these winds will accelerate along the coast and combine with the weak local sea beezes and peak near the La Ventana campground with upper-teens winds. Take a look at the satellite imagery in the blog link above. There are enough holes in these clouds that I am optimistic about my forecast, but a little a$$ covering never hurts.