By Mike Godsey

WeatherFlow-Tempest, the creator of,, etc. has setup a virtual AI bouy for the waters just off La Ventana. Artificial Intelligence Buoys, or AIBs, are simulated stations that use current and historical data from nearby sensors to provide wind reports at a location where sensors do not exist.

AIBs are typically generated at popular locations to help in decision-making for on-the-water activities. In this case, our goal is to develop a tool that better captures the often stronger winds just outside that does not reach the land-based wind sensors.

In the La Ventana area, we have an Artificial Intelligence virtual buoy just offshore between Baja Joes and Ventana Wind sports. In this case, we could set up an AIB because enough of you have installed your own Tempest weather stations that are feeding information into our cloud AI system.

Please send us information about your observations of this AIB compared to what you feel on the water. Send reports to Also, let me know if you want an AIB just beyond the campground sand bar or at Los Barriles.

This derived data station utilizes patented Nearcast AI technology. Nearcast algorithms apply machine-learned behavior to our proprietary weather station observations – putting actionable weather information at your fingertips, where and when you need it.

The accuracy of AIB data is influenced by available weather and observation data in the surrounding area. AIBs continue to improve over time as more observations and feedback are collected. Installation of more of our Tempest and ProNet weather station sensors close to an AIB’s location will also improve that AIB’s accuracy. Many people in the La Ventana and Los Barriles area are installing their Tempest weather stations. They are perfect for Baja since they have no moving parts and are solar-powered. And at a tap, you can have your weather data appear to the world on our websites. The green stations in this image are some of the La Ventana area Tempest stations.