By Mike Godsey

by Mike Godsey, Link to daily Baja forecast

9 AM update with satellite imagery of today’s clouds at bottom

First, the good news!

Due to the generosity of John Salow and some work on his and my part and the support of the great folks at Kitesurfing Planet the network has added a beach sensor at Rasta Beach about 1 km north of El Sargento.

If you have a USA account on ikitesurf or iwindsurf this sensor is free using your existing account on your phone or computer. Use this URL,-110.011,13,1,!199226 or this link or your phone ikitesurf or iwindsurf app.  The same link gives you access to our sensors at Baja Joes, Ventana Windsports and other sensors in the area including the campground.

If you don’t have an account you still have free access to just the Rasta Beach/Kitesurfing Planet sensor using this link provided by John Salow

How to use this Rasta Beach/Kitesurfing Planet sensor

  1. Tired of the crowds at the resorts or campgrounds. This sensor is your solution.
  2. Getting afternoon low teen easterly winds at La Ventana? Rasta often gets mid to even mild upper teens wind in the easterly wind pattern.
  3. If you have never done the downwinder for Rasta to Baja Jones you have been mentioning an epic adventure. Endless swell rides for miles. The problem is that in the past you had no idea if the winds north of El Sargento were good for a downwinder.
  4. There is nothing better than having a sensor next to your launch site. Just walk a few yards from your car to Kitesurfing Planet and check out the sensor and figure out your own correction factors.
  5. Kitesurfing Planet has lots of gear rentals and lessons away from all the crowds.
  6. And after your session sample the amazing food at their restaurant on the beach!

Now, the bad news!

I did a crappy forecast yesterday. The mid to maybe faint upper teens forecast was wrong since we barely touched the weak mid-teens.

The issue was a combo of rushing to work on the sensor, very slow internet and laziness.

Since the skies were blue predawn I did not bother to check the satellite imagery in my haste. If I had I would have seen this image which even at dawn showed a shield of clouds inbound from the SW from a tiny tropical disturbance. That would have led me to drop the forecast to low to faint mid-teens.

Clouds from storm Thursday Jan. 20 at 8:45 AM