By Mike Godsey

This is the type of eddy that can kill Crissy and Peninsula winds but….

by Mike Godsey,

BodegaEddyTypically eddies of this type form just west of the Golden Gate and keep SW flow in the Bodega to Half Moon Bay area. Fortunately for Crissy, Coyote & 3rd. kiters and sailors this eddy will only kill the Bodega winds.  As it is we have SW flow aloft from a Cut-Off Low at ≈ 18,000 ft. to the SW of the California coast. You can see how this is turning the marine layer clouds so they have a SW cant as they flow into the Central Bay. But since the tiny eddy is so far to the north I am expecting the North Pacific High’s weak surface NW winds to give the flow a slight WNW vector over the Peninsula waters. There will probably not be enough NW flow for Waddell to reach above the mid teens but Natural Bridges may reach the upper teens.