By Mike Godsey

So southerly flow continues.

by Mike Godsey,

If you are a coast sailor or kiter or your home waters are adversely impacted by SW flow you are probably wondering what is going on this summer.

And the forecast geek talk about counter-clockwise spinning surface eddies and 850mb lows over the Bay Area does not help much.

So below is a split screen animation that shows the 2 causes of today’s southerly flow. On LEFT you can see the surface eddy that is created by the North Pacific High perversely having NORTH wind west of the ocean buoys. On the RIGHT ¬†you can see the model output of the low pressure area centered right over the Bay Area.

Together these features maintain southerly flow most of the day today. However I am forecasting both of these critters to die tomorrow so the Waddell, Crissy, Coyote & 3rd. winds should improve Friday.