By Mike Godsey

But sliver of the NPH keeps modest NW near the Bay

by Mike Godsey, mike@iwindsurf.comNEWnphLowCrushesOLD

This animation is chock full of weather action. First note the massive “new” North Pacific High north of Hawaii and its clockwise spinning winds. Typically this high pressure would be just west of the California coast bringing us strong NW wind. Also note the trade winds this “new” NPH is bringing Hawaii just offshore.

Now find the clockwise spinning winds of the surface storm west of California. Way above this storm is a near Cut-Off Low that is holding the storm relatively stationary. And in this location it has been crushing the “old” North Pacific High against the California coast.

Actually the system has crushed the old North Pacific High into 2 separate parts each with counter-clockwise spinning. Find the Bay Area and then note the part of the NPH to the north and its counter-clockwise spinning. Now look to the south and note the southern section of the old NPH and its counter-clockwise spinning winds.

Now look carefully just west of the Bay Area and you will see a weak sliver of NW wind just west of the Golden Gate and Waddell. Normally this would not impact the winds inside the Bay much but with a moderate pressure gradient this afternoon we should see at least upper teens wind at sites from Treasure Island west.