By Mike Godsey

Video: Why are the NW winds fading each passing day?ZZ65097B1D

by Mike Godsey,

The last few days I have been mentioning in the forecast the storm arriving this Sunday. As this massive puppy moves westward into the Pacific Northwest and Northern California it has been pushing the North Pacific High against the California coast and to the south.


As the stormy low occupies the space that the North Pacific High usually lords over the high pressure becomes a sliver of its normal self and by tuesday will be off Southern California waters. This process causes the Bay Are’s NW winds to fade away for a few days.

But notice those powerful SW in the right lower quadrant of the low pressure. It is looking like like we will get some UP AND DOWN southerly storm winds in the mid teens to low 20’s at a few sites Wednesday as the storm passes to the north.


Get oriented using the first graphic and then watch the video below.