By Mike Godsey

So NW flow ramps up on our coast and the Peninsula.

by Mike Godsey, mike@iwindsurf.comNWwindSlidesUptoBay NPHnwWindSlideUPCoast

Every read the phrase “tomorrow the North Pacific High’s surface NW winds will slide up the coast from  Southern California and focus  on the Bay Area” and wondered how can wind blowing from the NW move to the north.?

Well tomorrow, Saturday, this is exactly what will be happening and to help you understand the process study these 2 videos. And then tomorrow I will explain what is going on in case you are still lost.

In the first video notice how today, Friday, the strongest NW wind is  over the Southern California offshore waters. Then note how the windy zone expands towards the Bay Area Saturday.

Then in the second video you can see how a slight movement of the North Pacific High way out in the pacific can shift the focus of the North Pacific High’s surface NW winds.NPHnwWindSlideUPCoast