By Mike Godsey

Weak Gorge winds.
Cut-Off LowGorge.gif

by Mike Godsey,

There is an old saying in meteorology: A Cut-Off Low is a weatherman’s woe.
 This is because Cut-Off Lows are very unpredictable and tend to meander around since they are cut off from the main flow of weather. They and there counter-clockwise spinning flow or clouds can disrupt the surface pressure gradient and brings sudden switches from NW to SW flow aloft as the Cut-Off Low wobbles about. 

The imagery below of satellite and model output shows the counter-clockwise clouds and wind of the current Cut-Off Low parked over the Gorge that has brought woe to windsurfers and kiters for several days.

To see where this Cut-Off Low came from check out this blog:



Gorge Cut-Off Low Model.gif
GFS model animation