By Mike Godsey

Daily human La Ventana & Los Barriles forecast: Sunday, December 30, 2018

by Mike Godsey : Gorge & Baja photos & videos ,,

The high pressure over the Great Basin weakens Sunday and moves eastward so the El Norte winds fade some. At the same on the Pacific side of Baja the North Pacific High builds and NW winds run down the Pacific and Sea of Cortez coasts. Some of that wind comes over the mountains and tries to push the El Norte winds away from shore especially at El Sargento and inside at La Ventana. This tends to make the winds weaker inside.

If we get really good heating in the inland valleys this could curve the WNW wind into more favorable N. wind but given the clouds this is unlikely. Still, watch the western sky midday for clealring and hope that my forecast is too low!