By WeatherFlow Forecaster

Very interesting day today for the northeast as slightly warmer SW flow is overtaking the region.   These days are often tricky because decoupling will keep the winds off the surface.   Our forecast mentioned that the winds will be a bit fragile and recommended northern facing beaches over southern as the winds onset.   However, check out what happened at Kalmus.  kal graph

We sometimes see high tide doing this as the cold water surges in and pushes the winds off the surface but high tide isn’t until this evening:



Maybe Cloud cover?  A dense cloud or fog could pull the winds off the surface:   Nope, Satellite is clear:



Hmm….  Cold Sea Surface temps?   Nope, pretty uniform:


This Blog post isn’t going to have the answer but encourages you to chime in if you have any ideas!

Here is one theory?  Martha’s Vineyard Wake?   Check out our 2km WRAMS model for this same period:

Rams 4pm

And similarly here is the 5km NAM output for the same time:


Notice this zone of green that comes off the bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard.  This is something we see often on Long Island Sound as the bluffs and relief of Long Island lift the winds off of the Sound.   Something to this theory?    Here is the regional snapshot:

map snap 330



Is the wind going to come back?  I hope so!

Meteorologist, Matt Corey

Note:  All images are from our WindAlert product.   Make sure you know how to use this powerful tool!