By WeatherFlow Forecaster

WC29Unusual hurricane pattens in Hawaiian and Cabo Verde Islands.

Take a look at the animation below of the 4 hurricanes currently transiting Hawaiian waters south of the North Pacific High.

Never in recorded history has there been 4 hurricanes at the same time in these waters.

Meteorologically speaking having 4 hurricanes at the same time in Hawaiian waters is sort of like the Gorge having a whole summer season of EAST winds or the Bay Area 4hurricaneshaving a whole summer season without a marine layer. It could happen but it would really make you think something is out of whack.

As you may know we run the Hurricane Sensor Mesonet for NOAA and other government agencies so we really keep on top of these storms. Today Shea, one of our east coast meteorologist, did a blog noting that for the first time in history the Cape Verde Islands off of Africa saw a hurricane develop before landfall:

Hurricanes thrive on warm ocean waters and it is becoming clear that the pacific blob and other sources of ocean stored heat are having an unprecedented impact on hurricane genesis this season.

To see our Gorge sensor crew in action installing one of our hurricane sensors check out this drone video:

To get an idea how extensive our Hurricane network is go to this page and just zoom in to see the incredible number of our hurricane sensors on the eastern seaboard.,-82.046,7,1