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Record Breaking Fall Storms

Autumn has wasted no time in asserting a cold wet hand on the Northwest this September.  The last two weekends of the month contained stormy weather, especially near the Coast. During three days, September 28-30,  a rare heavy hitting, winter style storm series pasted the Pacific Northwest with copious amounts of rain, blasting winds, and massive swell. This one cemented the month as the wettest September Portland had on record. And while this magnitude of storms is not that rare later in the season, a 970 MB. low pressure core is pretty impressive this early.


As well as combined seas reaching almost 30 ft! while 70 mph gusts assaulted Oregon’s North Coast. Washington won the rain score however, with over 6″ logged near Vancouver Island.


Clatsop Spit 2013 Sept 28
Clatsop Spit
24 hour precip totals



Usually isobars packed this tightly will result in extremely windy conditions for the Eastern Gorge, which often escapes the bulk of a coastal deluge. But this time the winds came in largely overnight, in between biblical downpours. Finally Monday morning the sun and wind connected for a nuclear but short lived finale. What will we get for the rest of autumn????


40-50 mph at Loroc Island
Water Vapor Image